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Hi all,

Just a short blog this week.

As you can imagine, it’s been a really busy few days for everyone.

Almost on a daily basis we have been dealing with children, staff or family members proving positive. It’s been noticeable over the last couple of weeks that the virus is definitely more prevalent in our communities. In many ways having the half term has come at a really good time in that it will allow all the schools an opportunity to shut down and re-energize. It’s been a daily challenge to try and ensure the classes have got appropriate staff.

The Learning Centre at New Bridge, last week, was particularly challenged. Both the head and deputy hadn’t been available to attend so I’ve stepped in to try and support. It’s been a while since I took on the role of a head and I must admit I loved every minute! I loved it not because I was particularly effective (!) but because I was able to see our New Bridge values directly in operation.

We are caring
We are creative
We are inspiring
We are passionate
We are innovative
We are collaborative
We trust each other

The sense of pulling together was absolute. Colleagues “mucked in”. They covered lunches, they supported where we had staffing gaps, they advised me as to the best courses of action, they worked tirelessly to ensure the young people continue to access a high quality offer. As I sit here on a Sunday reflecting on another busy week, the most rewarding thing for me is knowing that every single school would do exactly the same!

If you are able, have a great break and please stay safe.


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